For a 5k commuter beater, I'd say Crown Vic. Durable, cheap to insure, and if you get one with a short rear-end (CVPI), surprisingly decent at highway mpg. Bonus is that anyone loitering in the left lane will GTFO your way.

Even if only because it's what I have. » 10/17/14 12:05pm 10/17/14 12:05pm

Remember when there was a RWD/AWD STS that was smaller than the FWD DTS? Although the actual interior space in the then CTS, DTS, and STS were within spitting distance of each other?

Then you add in the fact that they looked the same, drove the same, had the same engines (for the most part), and even the same interior… » 9/30/14 11:52am 9/30/14 11:52am