The issue is that GM stuck the bin-standard G80 in as a locking rear. It's a centrifugal wedge type, needs around 100rpm differential to engage. Obviously not useful in crawling. On my old pickup, I've had more control issues with it spontaneously engaging on ice than having a tire spin uselessly.
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"Littlejohn went on to say that the vehicle would be used by police officers for protection in the case of an active shooter, or if the school needs to rescue children from a fire, because no one in this situation has apparently ever heard of a fire department."

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Let's not forget 'No-fault' insurance, which when combined with the number of under/uninsured drivers really punishes you for being responsible. Realistically, if the Sec.of State was as good as other state's DMV/DOT in revoking plates/tags for lapses in insurance, we would have a better insured driver rate.

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